Press Release: Reconciliation – Not Hatred, Fairness – Not Insult

April  24, 2015
Reconciliation – Not Hatred 
Fairness – Not Insult 
OTTAWA, ON  April 24, 2015 –  This year, once again we remember and respect the memory of victims of the Ottoman-Armenian conflict during the First World War. The conflict started with  well-documented armed revolt of Armenian nationalist groups (Dashnaks and Hunchaks) against the empire. They committed high treason by collaborating and joining the invading Russian forces. This resulted in their relocation from the war zone. The relocation was a military measure in self-defense, and also to protect all civilians of eastern Anatolia from commencing inter-communal retaliations. Most of the deaths during the relocation resulted from famine of war era, spread of diseases, attacks by bandits, and breakdown of authority in poor war conditions. Both sides committed massacres, both sides suffered tremendously, Armenians and non-Armenians alike. It was a tragic war that has engulfed every corner of the world, including Anatolia!
This tragedy cannot be characterized as a one-sided genocide.
Genocide allegations by Armenians contradict the definitional criteria outlined in the 1948 UN Genocide Convention.
The allegations have never been tried by an international tribunal.
In recent years there have been well-orchestrated political pressures placed on legislative bodies to distort history and accept the Armenian narrative.
In western democracies legislative bodies (parliaments) cannot assume the functions of the judiciary.
History cannot be rewritten in political arenas.
Accusing a nation and a people unjustly and unfairly for the most serious crime of humanity without a legal verdict is against the very principles Canadians live by. The Council of Turkish Canadians stands for reconciliation, joint healing and justice. We condemn political game-playing.